Ruining Wonder:Trigger Compounds

Installed in the magazine powder of Fort Jay as part of the Governor’s Island Art Fair, in this version of Ruining Wonder I used packaging for luxury items (such as confections and home electronics) to erect and disrupt a complex reminiscent of both a fantasy temple and a moldy wedding cake. The edifice is in the process of being overwhelmed with the crawling textures produced by the amassment and deconstruction of manufactured festivity adornment and accoutrement (drink umbrellas, sequins, curling ribbon, deflated balloons, wrappers from sweet treats, artificial flower arrangements…to name a few).

The surface of styrofoam containers is treated with a marbling of liquid foundation, eye shadow and eyeliner (resembling both skin and stone) which differentiates and highlights its own architecture and alludes to the objects which have been since removed from their protective shells. These mottled surfaces have been punctured repeatedly with inconsequential, disposable weapons or quills. The multitude of piercings rendered by cocktail swords’  leaves dried up trails of red nail polish while Easter grass and pieces of silk flower assembly emerge from the impalements of frilled toothpicks.

Leading in from the doorway to the front steps of the structure is a disrespected and dirty robin’s egg blue yoga mat. Pieces along the base are smashed or  crumbling, toppling over sand-timer pillars under the cool glow of battery operated nightlight LED fixtures which feel out of synch with the greenish glow of a single caged lightbulb overhead. Situated in an underground chamber 19ft long with curved walls that are almost 12 ft at the widest point, the structure’s footprint leaves just enough room to walk between it and what may be the rubble/ remnants of another past monument which line the back wall covered in a felting of easter grass and ribbon.