new studio views

IMG_4831 2

“Bambi’s Mom”- work in process. Red felt, deer pelt, cotton pads, ribbon, window sheer, wire, fabric, embroidery floss

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“Homesick”- white vinyl Xmas tree, stretch wrap, upholstery fabric, pillows, afghan, blanket, sweaters, easter grass, felt, bandages, beads


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My Sprit Animal is a Mutant- augmented chair, upholstery, clay, paint, epoxy, Easter Bunny suit, plastic lace table cloth, bandage, zip ties, nail polish, beads, pins

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we are all comic dust


current studio view – many pieces in process


work in process- red felt, ribbon, mixed fabric, wire, absorbent pads, deer pelt


“Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls”- mannequin head, ceramic swan, ribbon, sponges, cut plastic, artificial plant parts


Sporadic Nostalgia- white vinyl Xmas tree, stretch wrap, sweaters, afghan, bandages


Nightingale- hobby horse, nurse uniform, artificial petals, mop strands, chandelier crystals, mixed media

On the Side

Governor’s Island Art Fair  is up for consumption during the month of September. My piece, Ruining Wonder:Trigger Compounds is featured in Fort Jay…

Available in the Art Shop on Colonel’s Row #404, artists in the show have contributed small works for visitors to take home. I’ll have some collage studies on view and for sale there. The images used are from studio and detail photographs of the installation I am presenting.img_2427